Wholesale Women’s Dresses in UK

    Pioneers of women wholesale clothing, our store houses the best women dresses that can be bought in wholesale quantities and pricing. Following latest fashion trends and designs, we regularly add new women dresses that address various settings – be it formal, casual, work, or loungewear. Our accommodating team is always ready to help retail businesses maximize their store’s stock and options for their customers.

    Exceptional Variety

    Based out of Manchester, UK, Miss Bold Wholesale carries a large variety of dress options, especially those originating from Italy. Since Italian designer dresses are always in-fashion, you can never go wrong with Italian dresses. More, we carry numerous colour variations, sizing options and overall designs so there is always something available for everyone; our variety includes: floral linen dresses, jersey, maxi dresses, evening as well as party dresses and cut out styles. Uniquely, our dresses also extend to Plus Size. Clients can buy wholesale dresses in all sizing options through our online wholesale women clothing store.

    Uncompromised Quality

    In addition to our large variety, we put a strong focus on quality. From fabric to something as simple as a zipper, every dress is carefully inspected before being shipped and distributed. This fundamental policy makes us stand out as one of the best quality wholesale clothing distributors based in UK.

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    About Italian Dresses For Women

    You already have your vacation all planned out, you know where you are going to eat, and the hotel you are staying at. Now it’s time to look good while you’re there! It can be hard to find the right clothes but if you choose Italian dresses for women this shouldn’t be too hard of a task. 

    How can you figure out the right size Italian dresses online? What exactly are you looking for when you look at Italian women's dresses online? Do you want to buy online or in a physical store? These are just some of the many questions that may be going through your head when buying an Italian dress online. 

    A timeless look that never seems to go out of style, Italian dresses are especially famous for their clean cuts and luxurious fabrics, as well as the stunning ways they can be customized to fit any woman’s body type and personality. 

    Miss Bold Wholesale - Italian Made Fashion Collection is Everything You Would Expect from Italian Design

    We at Miss Bold are a wholesale Italian fashion company that offers women's clothing and dresses made of authentic Italian fabrics. We are experts in delivering the latest trends and believe that everyone deserves to experience the quality, design, and affordability of our products. Our fashion collection is everything you would expect from Italian design - elegant, refined, and fashionable.

    We provide a wide range of fashion styles for different occasions-from beautiful evening gowns, Italian midi dresses, Italian tunic dresses, and Italian oversized tops to wholesale plain dresses, which are just perfect for you. With our stylish designs and affordable pricing, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to wearing our pieces.

    Our Italian women's clothing designs are also comfortable and stylish, allowing you to look fashionable and feel good. Our women's wholesale Italian clothing collection has everything you need to ensure that you’ll always look your best. Miss Bold wholesale Italian clothing is available in several different colours, styles, and sizes. All of our products are cut using traditional European sizing standards and are designed to flatter every type of figure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's Trending In Women's Fashion? Italian midi dresses, Italian tunic dresses, Italian oversized tops, wholesale plain dresses, Italian dresses online, Italian women's dresses, smock dresses, Italian linen dresses, belted maxi dresses, Italian midi dress, Italian fancy dress, Italian dresses wholesale, and Italian women's clothing are popular in the fashion industry. These types of clothes are usually made from natural fabrics and materials that help keep the wearer cool during warmer months. They come in many different colours and styles such as high-necked tops with bell sleeves or sleeveless spaghetti-strap tank tops to suit any occasion.
    What colours and styles do missboldwholesale suggest for a cocktail party? Our red long-sleeve shirt dress is so elegant and timeless! The dark red colour is perfect for a night out on the town. To spice things up we have our white bodycon skirts which are comfortable yet sexy enough to wear!
    Where To Find Italian Casual and Party Dresses Clothing? We at Miss Bold Wholesale specialize in Italian designer clothing. We carry Italian women's clothing and wholesale Italian womenswear.
    What are the types of dresses I can purchase from missboldwholesale? We offer a variety of Italian women's clothes including the ever-popular Italian dress, Italian sleeveless summer dress, and Italian evening gowns.
    How do I measure my dress size?

    Here is how you can determine your dress size correctly using this easy step-by-step process: 

    Bust Measurement - Stand upright and wrap the measuring tape around your bust line. Your bust should be completely encircled by the measuring tape with no slack in the tape when you take your measurement. 

    Waist Measurement - Locate your waistline by placing one finger above your navel and then placing the measuring tape around this area. Make sure there is no slack or overlap when taking this measurement as well to ensure accuracy. 

    Hip Measurement - Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips making sure there is no gap between where you started and finished wrapping it around yourself. 

    Again make sure there isn't any overlap or slack in the measuring tape when taking this measurement to ensure accuracy.

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